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Security at your Community Association

Updated: May 27, 2023

Security and privacy at a community association is vital, and expected.

Is your property adequately staffed in the “security” realm? Is your security subcontractor providing what is “needed” or what is “expected”? The lines can get blurred when boards are looking to the lowest bidder and expecting superior service. If a serious incident occurred at your property, would the Post Orders explain to the guards what steps to take?

There is no doubt that procedures are always evolving due to new incidents and new threats. Security companies should be advising boards and managers in proactive steps to take so that service improves for your residents. Those recommendations should be communicated to the board members for consideration.

Sometimes a smaller security company can provide better service to your community. Other times, a large company with the quick ability to provide additional staffing is the one to consider.

Security at HOA Community Association Condo highrise


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