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Frequently Asked Questions

What VALUE do you offer in your services?

  • Peace of mind that you will have a much clearer status of your Association’s operation.

  • Confirmation of correct or incorrect procedures currently in place.

  • Less stress for Board members and management with guidance on hand.

  • Potential increase in property values; possibly with better appropriation of funds.

  • An improved bottom line for the budget when all evaluations & recommendations are considered.

  • Confirmation of financial oversight and controls on future spending.

  • A better educated Board of Directors, staff, and homeowner population.

  • Less hostility between neighbors for misunderstood practices or simply the transparency demonstrated by the board to hire professional consultant.

  • You will attract top talent for the board and management once improved standards have been implemented the association’s reputation improves.

  • If you are a legal firm retaining my services, you will acquire better direction in the strategy for depositions and trial. You will also understand the industry standards of management and its operations. While attorneys are greatly educated in legal procedures and the letter of the law, there are many details in each case that can discovered while retaining my services as an expert in the community association industry. 

  • Insurance Carriers retaining my services may receive a report of internal operations and potential loopholes or deficiencies that can easily be remedied by management and the board of directors. While many risk management inspections focus on physical aspects that present a potential liability, the internal controls can be a much greater risk. 

… you see the value may be tens of thousands of dollars annually or even hundreds of thousands, but it all depends on what you do with the information and if your board and employees are held to the industry standards for a professionally run association. For some associations, the value can easily translate into the millions of dollars within a few short years.


Who can formally hire you and contract for services?
My services are usually contracted directly with board members. Normally, a new board will decide to get an in-depth analysis as to the status of the property and an opinion on how matters have been handled in the past. On occasion, I will be hired a by a private group of owners that disagrees with the current board or wishes to have their association evaluated. This usually happens when there are allegations of misappropriation of funds or other unprofessional conduct. So long as the necessary information is provided, the agreement is understood, executed, and fees are paid, I can do the work. 

Attorneys and Insurance carriers are also potential clients when there is a legal case requiring an expert opinion. 

What information do you need? 

The association’s documents and current procedures will be researched, and an opinion will be outlined in a comprehensive report.

How long does this take?
A thorough analysis of your association is required for most agreements. The results can be expected within 45-60 days (for a full evaluation). For shorter scopes of work, it can be a few short days. 

What are the benefits to obtaining a report on our community association?
The most important benefit is obtaining clarity of your present situation. If there are several deficiencies that can be improved, you stand to have a more efficient operation and the cost savings can be substantial. Your association’s reputation will improve and therefore command more respect from vendors, employees, management companies, and other you have a business relationship with. Better quality work, pricing, and treatment will come to any association that deals fairly and professionally. 

Will you train our board or staff?
This final report can be a training tool for the board and possibly employees. Recommendations may be made for training literature, books, or courses that could be acquired to reach a better level of service from employees or board members. 

My presence on site with the Board and Management can be very beneficial. If you wish for me to personally guide current management, that is a separate agreement that may also be reached once the final report and our initial agreement is complete. Take into consideration that if you have an agreement with a management company, I should not be guiding staff in ways contrary to the management company's protocols. 

What cities and states does your work take you?
I can travel Nationwide. I am also qualified for associations on an International level. My PCAM designation from the Community Association Institute is recognized all over the world. I mostly work in the State of Florida but have done case studies in other states. 

If you are serious about learning more, please email me for a full list of F.A.Q. questions. 

  • Expert Consultant Reporting

  • Helping Homeowners Understand Their HOA & Condominium

  • Guiding Boards of Directors to Improve Operations

  • Evaluating Complaints of Fraud and Corruption

  • Assisting Legal Counsel with Operational Details

  • Assisting Insurance Companies with Risk Management

Condo Board Management Consultant
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