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A Homeowner's Rights and Responsibilities in Their Association

Updated: May 27, 2023

Homeowner's Rights and Responsibilities
Homeowner's Rights and Responsibilities

What are homeowners entitled to expect from their association? Just as there are guidelines, laws, and procedures for Board Members, there are also a list of expectations all homeowners in a community association can expect. There are not only Rights, but also Responsibilities for each homeowner.

These rights and responsibilities may or may not extend to all residents or guests of the household. For example, everyone including guests, is obligated to follow the rules and regulations for the association, but not everyone (such as guests) have the right to attend meetings or be part of governing groups such as committees.

Here are a list of Rights and Responsibilities gathered from materials on

Homeowners have the right to:

• A responsive and competent community association.

• Honest, fair, and respectful treatment by community leaders and managers.

• Participate in governing the community association by attending meetings, voting, serving on committees, and standing for election.

• Access appropriate association financial books and records.

• Prudent expenditure of assessments.

• Live in a community where the property is maintained according to established standards.

• Fair treatment regarding financial and other association obligations, including the opportunity to discuss payment plans.

• Receive all documents that address rules and regulations governing the community association prior to purchase and settlement and upon joining the community.

• Appeal to appropriate community leaders those decisions affecting nonroutine financial responsibilities or property rights.

Homeowners have the responsibility to:

• Read and comply with the governing documents of the community.

• Stay informed by attending meetings and reading materials provided by the association.

• Maintain their property according to established standards.

• Treat association leaders with respect and honesty.

• Vote in community elections and on other issues.

• Pay association assessments and charges on time.

• Contact association leaders or managers, if necessary, to discuss financial obligations and alternative payment arrangements.

• Request reconsideration of material decisions that personally affect them.

• Provide current contact information to association leaders or managers to help ensure they receive information from the community.

• Ensure that those who reside on their property (e.g., tenants, relatives, and friends) adhere to all rules and regulations.

• Respect the privacy of community leaders at their homes and during leisure time in the community.

See more community resources at or call me with your concerns.

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Homeowner's Rights and Responsibilities


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