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Expect the Unexpected - Mitigate Liability Exposure

Updated: May 27, 2023

Anything can happen… at any time…

Murphy’s Law right?

Wait for it……….. (in the video)

Board members and Property managers are faced with many strange problems and the cause of many issues are unknown. While everyone is trying their best to resolve the problem at a reasonable expense, the unknowns can really throw off the best intentioned plans.

That’s why we need professional assistance from #engineers , #painters , #piperepair , #contractors or #structuralengineer , etc. Here, we were faced with a pressure problem of the fire safety lines at a 55 yr old Highrise.

Opinions and theories went around for months. A plan was put in place. The outcome? Something no one would have believed. An old 4x4 inside the pipe… from original construction.. it was a bit swollen and torn apart.

One of the important results of projects such as these is to receive documented facts from the professional services hired by the association. Conversations and phone calls are great but you’ll want to get things documented properly in case issues like this go south and cause the association a liability risk. At the end of the day, the board should be able to document their due diligence in resolving challenges. Matters related to structural issues and life safety pose a greater liability risk. In other words, if a situation poses a safety issue to anyone exposed to that situation, the board should be able to document what was done to mitigate and reduce exposure.

Liability Exposure at HOA Condo Association


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