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Basic Homeowner Rights in Communities

What are your rights as an owner-member in an association?

- To be treated fairly and with respect?

- To be governed by competent board members?

- To have access to financial statements?

- To have the opportunity to be proactive and govern?

- To have all assessments prudently collected and used?

If you live in a community with rules and regulations, you have a certain number of rights that go along with your ownership interest. You also have "responsibilities" to the community, but we will discuss here your RIGHTS.

Most condo and HOA associations need a little help. A little professional guidance goes a long way. Many of management companies out there are stretched thin and cannot keep up with the quality of service that homeowners demand.

Do you have questions about some of the operations at your community?

Do you suspect fraud, theft, impropriety?

You're not alone. You may not have all the facts and information you need to determine the real truth. Do you need help in comparing what your situation is now compared to the way it should be?

Please go to my site and view all videos and articles that can further educate you.

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