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Risk Management for Condominium and Homeowner Associations

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Does your association have a proper risk management plan in place? Do your board members or committees know what to do when they notice a potential liability risk?

Purpose of Risk Management Procedures

The purpose of a risk management plan is to inventory the existing and potential risks. The risks will differ in the type of risk being analyzed. For example, a physical deficiency risk such as a wet floor, may cause a slip and fall accident. However, in an association there are several other types of risks to take into consideration such as proper insurance coverage, transference of risk to hired contractors via their insurance policies, and indemnification. Through this process, the association will be able to determine the severity of a risk, how to report risks on an ongoing basis, mitigate or eliminate risks if possible, and determine the proper action to be taken or insurance coverage requirement for the risk.


The objective of this plan is to identify areas in which the association may have exposure to loss or liability. Implementation of these procedures will help the association anticipate, prevent, and prepare for any threats. It is the association’s goal to eliminate as much risk as possible and ensure adequate coverage in all possible areas.

Consider contracting a professional consultant to assist you with this task and many other facets of your association. Please review my FAQ by clicking up top.

I provide these articles and links for your benefit. The articles are professionally written by excellent sources that I either know personally or I believe to be valuable and experienced professionals in the industry of community associations. This one I wrote myself.

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