Investigative Evaluation and Research

Is your community association experiencing problems?

Do you suspect the current practices in place should be investigated?

Have there been disagreements between owners and directors?

Are you just plain angry that the same bad things continue to happen?

Are you part of a new Board that needs help in understanding the previous board's actions and need a plan for the future of your community?


With fifteen years in Florida's community association management industry, I have attained the necessary experience to get my clients through just about any situation. The vast array of projects I've handled for luxury properties in Miami and the Tampa Bay area have given me an edge in this ever changing field. Helping homeowners and board members by sharing strategies is my specialty. In-depth analyses into community association procedures and practices is part of my daily work.

I am a retired law enforcement officer, military veteran, and an experienced executive manager for communities in Florida. Creating collaborative relationships with my consulting clients is indeed a great experience for me. Homeowner Association Consulting is key to achieving clarity for owners seriously interested in analyzing their property's procedures. Common-interest communities need guidance and transparency at every level.

I am here to partner with you to improve your conditions. If you wish to discuss concerns with your condominium or homeowner association, please contact me. My consulting services for community associations can bring about a new level of clarity and planning that can be applied for the betterment of your entire community.



Karel Costa-Armas LCAM, CMCA, AMS, PCAM


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